50 ways to market your small business.

50 ways to market your small business.


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As with any business, there are no guarantees of success and achievement. The ultimate success of any business stake will be directly proportional to your ability to learn and execute a marketing strategy.

The first thing you need to do is to come up with a budget for marketing your business. Some people put thousands of dollars in marketing and others have very little capital to…

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How to be funny without using sex or swearing

How to be funny without using sex or swearing

funnyIn this present age where the blogosphere has become so crowded and everybody is resorting to different means to get noticed, it has become the norm for people to think that using the age old sex appeal methods and throwing f-bombs will get them noticed.

Sad. Very sad indeed.

Sad because as a blogger you have so many awesome stuffs to offer, and just because someone you admire swears online…

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100 Days List Building Challenge
You know those cheesy end o’ the year holiday greetings, with ceaseless family updates & awkward self-promotions/congratulations? 
This is not one of those letters. (You can sigh with relief, now.)
I am, however, writing with a major announcement
One that I hope you’ll join me in celebrating (with or without spiked eggnog – your call.) 
I’ve recently created a program I called the 100 days List Building Challenge - in the hope of doubling my list (at least) in the next 100 days.
This challenge represents my irrepressible desire to create a successful online business – intertwined with some powerful urgings to design a creative career that’s distinctly mine. 
I couldn’t be more excited to offer my gifts to the people who need ‘em most. 
And I couldn’t be more terrified (in a good, tingly way.) 
I’ve sketched out four ways you can help spread the word about my new entrepreneurial adventure. If you want to, of course. (And I’m hoping ya do.) 
  • Pass the word along to anyone in your orbit who might need some list building love in their business right now, or who have huge goals for 2014.

I’m at: <http://lucrativepassions.org/100-day-list-building-challenge/> 

  • Keep your eyes & ears peeled for potential connections + full details.
I’m aiming myself at creatives, entrepreneurs, new business owners, life coaches – but new leads are welcomed, with glee. 
  • Send prayers, good vibes, and dry ramen noodles. (Just kidding. Mostly.) and fill the form below to signify your interest.
  • Join the Facebook group, where we’ll network, share tips, successes, accountability + what works and what doesn’t.
Deep breath … and here we go.
So glad you’re here.
bucketlistbites asked:
Hi I love your food blog! would you maybe like to check out mine? it's a food blog as well :) Thanks!

Yeah sure! I’ll check it now.

Creamy Country Chicken with Vegetables, in the crockpot

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